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          Secondary admissions

          Following updated advice regarding Covid-19, staff in the 招生 and Appeals Office will be working remotely as much as it is possible to do so. If you have any questions please contact us by e-mail to admissions@dixonsaa.com instead of telephoning the office.

          Year 7 intake in September 2020

          The national offer date for school places is Monday 2nd March 2020.  Parents who completed the local authorities Common Application/Preference Form will be advised by the local authorities of the school allocated to their child on this date.

          For 海洋之神 Allerton, there were 940 applications on the Common Application Form for the 245 places available.  The breakdown of places by oversubscription criteria is as follows:

          Oversubscription criteria


          Children with an EHCP


          Looked-after & former looked-after children


          Children with exceptional medical or social need (applications agreed)


          Children of staff (up to 3)


          Students at 海洋之神 Allerton moving from Year 6


          Siblings of students at 海洋之神 Allerton


          Distance (the furthest distance admitted was 0.783 miles)


          Twins of children admitted under the above categories




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          If you have any specific questions about the waiting list or admissions process, please contact us via the details given below.

          In-year admissions (Years 7 to 11)

          海洋之神 Allerton Academy is a very popular school and, consequently, a vacancy is only likely to occur if a child leaves the year group which rarely happens.

          To apply, you will need to complete an In-Year Common Application Form (ICAF) for the local authority in order to be eligible for a place if a vacancy occurs.  The In-Year form and more information about the process is available from www.bradford.gov.uk/education-... or you can request for a form to be sent to you by e-mailing: schooladmissions@bradford.gov.uk or by telephoning 01274 439200.

          If a vacancy does occur, we will look at the local authority waiting list and prioritise children in accordance with the oversubscription criteria (see 招生 and Appeals Policy in the 下载 section below).

          Should you have any questions about the admissions process, please either:

          e-mail:  admissions@dixonsaa.com

          or telephone:  01274 770230

          Applying for entry into 16后 (sixth form)

          The Academy has published specific criteria in relation to minimum academic entrance requirements for progression from Year 11 to the 16后 provision.  There will be a right of appeal to an independent appeals panel for students refused transfer.

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