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          Our staff




          C Skelding


          J Atkins-Mackley

          Vice Principal

          R Greenwood

          Head of Primary

          A  Severs

          Deputy Headteacher Primary

          M Philpott

          Assistant Vice Principal

          N Jones

          Assistant Vice Principal

          J Broadbent

          Assistant Vice Principal

          R Shah

          Assistant Vice Principal

          D Cook

          Assistant Vice Principal

          L Barnes

          Assistant Vice Principal Primary

          J Kerr

          Assistant Vice Principal Primary


          R Round

          Assistant Vice Principal Primary


          G Moore

          Operations Manager

          H Livesey

          HR Officer

          A Rauf

          E-Learning & Media Specialist

          A Rashid

          Deputy Safeguarding Lead

          S Javed

          Behaviour Lead

          T Blaine

          Year 7 Manager

          L Crabb

          Year 8 Manager

          L Smith

          Year 9 Manager

          A Greenwood

          Year 10 Manager

          S Rashid

          Year 11 Manager

          L Dabrowski

          Director of Post 16

          D Harris

          Post 16-Director of Progress & Attainment

          A Wilson

          Post 16-Wider Programme of Study Coordinator

          A Snowden

          Post 16-Welfare Officer

          A Beaumont 

          Post 16-Administrator

          P Kennedy 


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          Latest Tweets


          This weeks appreciations. //t.co/ra07FGmwUz
          5:30pm 16.07.2020


          #Year6 Bubble 1 have a message for all their friends! #leavers2020 #endofterm ‘See ya DAA Primary!’ //t.co/NFXe8S6C7o
          5:38pm 15.07.2020


          Lots of insects fly around the garden and they help to pollinate plants. Go out and see how many you can spot, can you spot a Hoverfly? Also can you find out what plants they like? 🐝🐞🐜🐛 @bradfordmdc @CLOtC @The_RHS //t.co/PYX3RjY9IF
          10:39am 15.07.2020


          Today we waved off our Year 6 at the end of their last day...we’re so pleased we’ll see most of them next year as they start secondary phase! #leavers2020 //t.co/5KrkIsH5Qe
          5:36pm 15.07.2020

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